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Kayla Vo United States

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About me


secluded hermit who occasionally comes out of room to get food from the pantry...jk.
I like to socialize to a degree- I'm not a party animal though.


ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!....
Scared you there didn't I?
I'm one of those people who listen to indie bands and all kinds of stuff.
Here are the ones I can actually remember:
-A Fine Frenzy
-Jessie J
-Lily Allen
-Avril Lavigne
-P!nk, an

Movies and TV:

Dat ish all I have to say. O__O
However, I also like Easy A, Two and a Half Men, It's a Boy Girl Thing, and other comedic stuff. I'm also a sap for romance although I lean towards romance + comedy more than romance + drama.
I also occasiona


.........What do you think?
Actually, funny thing is that I actually like to play basketball. O____o
Never thought I'd actually be sayin' that.
I'm also interested in tennis and soccer.
Can't swim or cycle to save the life of me though........ TT____


HECK TO THE YESH! Been playing piano since the summer of '03 and don't plan on stopping any time soon. I love to improvise and play anything really. Not one of those stuffy types that play only classical stuff. Them people scare me. I also love to doodle


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